Wednesday, June 4, 2008

A Very Spankable Cast

A few posts ago (or perhaps many posts ago), I wrote about the ladies of the TV show, Buffy the Vampire Slayer under the title of, "A Most Spankable Cast". Sarah Michelle Gellar, Alyson Hannigan, Charisma Carpenter, Emma Caulfield--all lovely and--to twist a joke from Seinfeld--all spankworthy. And I didn't even mention another character on the show who would probably have enjoyed a little spanking play-- Faith, played by Eliza Dushku.

Truth to tell, of course, most TV shows could boast about their star actresses being spankworthy--if TV were inclined to boast about that sort of thing. Actresses seem to be hired on equal parts talent and good looks. Sadly, sometimes the 'talent' side of the equation gets short shrift. But I digress....

The point I'm trying to make is that a lot of shows qualify as having "a most spankable cast". So I'm going to take a quick look at another one of them--a show that was one of my favorites and, just like the Buffy TV series, I have all seasons of this show on DVD. So here is the next very spankable cast--the ladies of Friends:

I think Courteney Cox (or Courteney Cox Arquette) kind of got overlooked a little bit, mostly because of her role. Monica was the mother hen of the group, looking after everybody while somewhat compulsively keeping the house (or, more accurately, the apartment) clean, spotless and perfect. But she wasn't afraid to get down and dirty, as witnessed in a certain Thanksgiving Day football game, or during one notable slap-fight with Rachel (Jennifer Aniston) during which each aimed more than a few slaps at the other one's backside. So Monica/Courteney is certainly spankable. And the picture below, taken on a beach back in January, just might convince you:

If any of the characters on the show should have been spanked, it would have to be Rachel, played by Jennifer Aniston. The course of true love would have run much smoother if, long before the end of the show, Ross would have turned her bottoms up over his knee, pulled up her short plaid skirt and applied the flat of his hand to her nicely rounded backside while saying, "Repeat after me--'we were on a break!'" Her nude pose on the cover of Rolling Stone certainly caused her to rate high on the wish list of most spankers. Lately she seems to be spending a lot time on the beach. I can't turn on my computer without one site or another claiming to have the latest Jen bikini pics! And--spanko that I am--I almost always take a look. All these years after the Rolling Stone picture--she still looks adorable and spankable to me. And she looks quite natural in the second picture below, like maybe she's been in that position before--although not on a surfboard:

Last but certainly not least, we have Phoebe, played by Lisa Kudrow. I'm sorry to say I wasn't able to find a picture of her similar to the pics of Jen and Courteney, so this one from the Celebrity Movie Blog will have to do:

In a way, it's too bad about the photo, since free-spirit Phoebe was most certainly the spanko of the bunch. She's the one who told her boyfriend that women appreciated honesty "and an occasional light spanking...FYI". It was Phoebe who very sexily and playfully started teasing Ross during one exchange, asking him, "Are you going to spank me, Daddy?" (Ross tried to roleplay back, but lasted about two seconds before declaring, "I can't do this" and walking away) And of all people, it was Phoebe who...well, let me set this up:

There is an episode where Chandler (Matthew Perry) is having a problem with his boss at work. The boss is sort of a jock, and his idea of encouraging and congratulating the guys that work for him is to give them a slap on the butt, much like you see football players do after a good play.

This bothers Chandler, and he tells his friends about it, but they're not a lot of help. They all start to leave the apartment to get something to eat, but Phoebe holds Rachel back and asks if it would be okay if she set Ross up with one of her friends, since at this point in the show, Rachel and Ross have split up. Rachel hesitates and wants to know which friend. It turns out to be someone named Bonnie. Phoebe describes her as average weight, average height, and bald. Upon hearing the description, Rachel decides that Phoebe can go ahead and set it up. And as they leave the apartment, Phoebe says, "Good for you"--and gives Rachel a quick smack on the bottom!

So it's Phoebe, of all people, who gives Rachel a well-deserved spank.

We all should have Friends like these..... :-)


CJ said...


We do have friends like that don't we?? LOL


Dr. Ken said...

CJ--if we do, then send Jennifer Aniston over here. There's something I need to "talk" to her about.....

Michael said...

Excellent post, Dr. Ken. I enjoyed 'Friends' for the first few seasons when I watched it with my wife then lost interest in it, both the series and the wife. ;) But I agree, a very spankworthy cast, and I agree with your analysis. Phoebe is definitely the spanko of the group, receiving from the men and dishing out to the girls. Remember the end of the scene you described when Rachel and Monica were fighting and slapping each other's bottoms Phoebe grabs them by their ears to break it up and says if they were in prison Rachel and Monica would be her bithes. Good stuff. :)


Michael said...

cj, yes we do have friends like that. Here's hoping that one day we all get together and meet.


kristina said...

hello Dr. Ken!
hi cj!
Guten Tag Michael!

i think that was my fav episode because of that scene....(bithes?)

i also think that Ross needed a trip otk

Dr. Ken said...

Michael--Yes, I do remember that! Thanks for the memory jog, Michael!
And I think I prefer "bithes"...

Dr. Ken said...

Michael--wouldn't that be great if at some time in the future we could all get together and meet? Although with airfore going the way it is....There's a Crimson Moon party in Chicago at the end of July and airfare is almost double from what I paid when i attended the March party.

Kristina--Hi! I'm happy to see you here!
Yes, "bithes"--we're doing away with the old word.
As for Ross--you may be right, but I ain't putting that picture on MY blog! LOL

Michael said...

Sorry about the "bithes" I guess I lisp sometimes, especially after seeing hot pictures of the girls from Friends. Thank you SO VERY MUCH for pointing it out, Kristina, I'll remember that, young lady. *G*

Sorry to hear about your airfare going up, Dr. Ken. Maybe, as the Supremes sang, "Someday we'll be together" :)



kristina said...

no problem michael - any time ;)