Sunday, May 18, 2008

You Can't Make This Stuff Up

The following is absolutely true. It's not spanking related, but then, I warned you at the very beginning of my blog that not every post would be. Spanking will be the subject the majority of the time, but I do reserve the right to go off on whatever tangents I see fit.

Also, my apologies in advance to any who may be offended by this, but if you think about it in it's proper context, you shouldn't be. You'll see what I mean.

Anyway, this past Friday, the Minnesota Valley Humane Society held a fundraiser. It's the fifth year for this event. It's primarily a tribute show to the music of David Bowie--although they don't advertise it as such-- but it's also a cat-shelter benefit.

Interestingly enough, the musical coordinator (for lack of a better job description) is actually allergic to cats. And in it's five-year history, nobody at the event has ever picked the song "Cat People" to perform.

The name of this event?

Rock For Pussy

I kid you not.....


Michael said...

LOL Really, 'Rock For Pussy!' You're right, Dr. Ken, you can't make this stuff up. Real world can be funny when not even trying, unless someone at the Humane Society has a wicked sense of humor. When you went to the fund raiser I hope you got to pet a lot of pussies, Doc. Sorry, I couldn't resist.


Cheryl said...

On an interesting note, Ken, the parenthetical title of "Cat People" is "Putting Out Fire With Gasoline"...sorta on topic, don't you think?

Hermione said...

That is too funny! And I'm sure it attracted a lot of attention, which of course is the idea. I hope lots of pussies found good forever homes because of it.

Speaking of pussies, there was a character called Pussy on yesterday's episode of The Sopranos. He got eliminated.


Dr. Ken said...

Michael--sadly, the Fundraiser was over by the time I got out of work. But I suspect you're right...whoever came up with the name for the event did so with a nudge and a wink!

Cheryl--very much so!

Hermione--You know, I've never watched the Sopranos. Still, I'm sorry to hear of the characters demise. There's nothing worse than a whacked Pussy.....
(Sorry, couldn't resist!)

Dave said...

Rock for Pussy? lol..makes me want to adopt a lil meow-meow asap.


Anonymous said...

This was too funny, Dr. Ken. I rather hope that all those nice pussies got nice homes especially since the fundraiser title was so catchy! If I could have animals I would have another pussy since I like the little furballs! LOL!