Wednesday, January 16, 2008


Hello, and welcome to Spanking Minnesota! Tnanks for looking in and checking it out.

I go by the name of Dr. Ken. I'm a single male, age 56, living near Minneapolis in the Land of 10,000 lakes. I've been a spanko all my life, and have lived in Minnesota all my life. Hence the name of this blog.

And the name wasn't easy to come by, let me tell you! At first, I considered simply calling it "Dr. Ken's Blog". Then I realized a lot of people would come to the blog thinking it was something medical, or looking for a doctor's advice, and be P.O.'ed when they realized that wasn't what it was all about. So I scratched that idea. (I'll talk more about the "Dr. Ken" nickname at a later time.)

Next it was going to be "Spanking, Sports, and Spouting Off". I like spanking--I'm a top, or spanker, or whatever term you prefer to use, btw--I'm a big fan of most of Minnesota's professional sports teams, and I figured the "spouting off" part would allow me to talk about any subject that came to mind--movies, books, music, TV, etc. I rejected that, as well.

So, I simplified. I'm a spanker, I live in Minnesota--no need to get more elaborate than that.

And so, ta-da! A blog is born. There will be growing pains as I get used to all this. Bear with me.

The subject of adult consensual spanking will be the main thrust here, but I also intend to cover other subjects. I'll still be "spouting off", even if that part is no longer in the blog title. I'm not going to limit myself when it comes to topics.

Hopefully, you'll enjoy what you read. Feel free to visit often.

The Doctor is: IN............


Dave said...

Congrats on the new blog! You are a prolific and very talented blog commenter, so i had a feeling you had a blog in the works.

have fun and enjoy!

Dave said...

p.s. i've added this blog to my link list. :)

Dr. Ken said...

DAVE -- Thank you, Dave! Very appropriate, I think, that the first comment on the first post of my brand spanking new blog should be from Dave of The Cherry Red Report. That's one of the few blogs I check every day looking for new content.
Thanks for linking me up, too. That's huge! And as soon as I get a blog section set up, I'll be returning the favor and adding a link to The Cherry Red Report!