Saturday, January 26, 2008

Friday Night Sports Talk

The worst team in basketball (The Minnesota Timberwolves) played what is arguable the best team in bastketball Friday night, the Boston Celtics. My initial thoughts going into the game were, "There's a blowout just waiting to happen." The game turned out quite the opposite.
Yes, the Wolves did eventually lose the game, but only by 1 point! And Minnesota actually had the lead a good deal of the time, and had the ball for a final shot that could have won the game.
Good teams find a way to win, though, and Boston is a good team. Their defense kept Minnesota from even getting the shot off.
Still, when you consider that Minnesota had a two-game winning streak coiming into this game--including a win over Phoenix--and then lost by only 1 to the Celtics, it has to bode well for he rest of the season.
If Minnesota can continue to play like that for the rest of the year, the wins will come. And while they could still wind up with the worst won-loss record at the end of the year, that kind of play does seem to indicate there is some hope for the future.


Dave said...

We are bummed here a bit, as KG's got an ab. strain and may be out for weeks....Celts are on fire though.....


Dr. Ken said...

DAVE -- Two games with these two clubs, and two wins for Boston--but each decided very much in the final seconds of the game. I like Doc Rivers comment afterwards when he said he was glad they wouldn't be facing Minnesota again.
We have to stop sending Boston all our best players, though...:-)

Dr. Ken