Saturday, October 3, 2015

Spankable Saturday

Like everyone else, I was surprised and saddened when I went to Amber Pixie Well's blog recently and found this:

Message from Amber

It's with a heavy heart I must say goodbye. Changes in my personal life necessitate the termination of my blog on short notice. A huge thank you to all of my loyal readers out there for all of your tremendous support over the years! It's all of you that made this blog so special.

I know no more about this than you do.  Pixie chose not to go into detail for the reasons behind the decision.  While she has shared so much with us over the years, she's always kept some aspects of her life private, and this clearly is one of those.  Close friends probably know but, being close friends, aren't likely to say anything, and there's no point in my sitting here and speculating.

Pixie was one of the first people in the spanking community to link to my blog, for which I've always been grateful.  We did exchange a few e-mails long ago, and I found her to be a very genuine, good-hearted, down-to-earth person with a kind and generous nature--and, of course, a wonderful playful and bratty side.  She seemed very much like the girl-next-door, if your idea of the girl-next-door was one who, all in good fun, liked to push your buttons and make you want to spank her.  I never got the chance to meet her, sadly.  Maybe some day....

Like all of her fans out there, I will miss her and her blog and her views on the wonderful world of spanking., I send her all my best wishes and thoughts for the future.  Whatever caused her to close down her blog, I hope she comes through those changes better and stronger and gets on with the serious business of enjoying her life.

It should come as no surprise that this week's "Spankable Saturday" features Amber Pixie Wells....

This last photo is one of my favorites--attitude with a smile::

Tomorrow's "Spanking Sunday" post will also feature photos of Pixie the way we remember her best....

(all photos courtesy of Amber Pixie Wells)


Belsteph said...

What a beautiful posting about a delightful young lady! I never met Pixie either, but have been a long time fan. I met her business partner David at one of the Atlantic City parties.

I share your hope that whatever caused her to close her blog is not some kind of crisis and hope that we will all hear from her soon.

I wish her all the very best.

smuccatelli said...

"Pixie" was an apt name, evoking both mischievousness and adorableness, if that is even a word. A most expressive, beautiful face and a gorgeous, spankable bottom and, I'm told, a very sweet personality.

Hope she's well and I wish her all the best.

Dr. Ken said...

Belsteph -- I'm sure she appreciates the kind thought. Like you, I hope this wasn't some sort of crisis situation. I don't know whether we'll ever hear from her again or not, but I hope we do. She did the spanko community proud.

jimc said...

I do hope that it was not some crisis that she cannot recover from. I wish her well and like you share the hope that she return to the spanko community one day if that is in her power and circumstance. As you said she did the spanko community proud with her paws for cause charity (receiving spankings for donations); her birthday spankings; her spankblogaverseries; her blog not only about Punished brats, but all of her other comments about the scene and the great rapport that she did seem to share with in all the other sites. Thank you for the great pics that you shared with us about Pixie as you did capture much of her innocence; mischievousness; cuteness and her spankable bottom. Good Luck Pixie.

Belsteph said...

I volunteer for a dog rescue organization so I especially appreciate Pixie taking a VERY sound spanking to raise funds for animal rescue.

Enzo said...

An excellent tribute post Dr. Ken!
I agree with all that has been said about Pixie as she always came across as truly genuine.
She seems like she was around for such a long time, as she was one of the first like-minded bloggers I found online.

Hoping for the best for her.
- Enzo

Dr. Ken said...

Jim -- We can only hope for the best for her. She deserves it.

Belsteph -- Her "Cause For Paws" posts were, I think, Pixie at her best.

Enzo -- She is definitely one of a kind.

Dr. Ken said...

smuccatelli -- An apt name, indeed. It captures her nature and personality. I don't know whether "adorableness" is a word or not (Spell Check seems to think it is), but it certainly applies to her.