Monday, July 20, 2015

Fuller Brush Man

Last Wednesday, I posted a "Spanking Appointment" card that I found during a web search.  (It's not my creation--I take no credit for it.  I merely re-posted it.)  The illustration showed comedian Red Skelton with a large brush in one hand and actress Janet Blair over his knee.  To the best of my knowledge, there was no actual spanking in the film, so the picture was nothing more than a press or publicity still for the movie.  The "spanking publicity still" was a fairly common shot used to hype a motion picture.  It might appear in the local newspaper, or it might be in the glass case outside the theater along with the poster for the movie.  The movie itself might not have a spanking scene in it, but the public didn't know that.  The movie ad machine was smart enough to know that a picture of that nature would lure more people to the box office.  A grown woman--in particular, a lovely Hollywood actress--being spanked had crowd appeal.  Just ask Pro Wrestling!

There were actually two spanking stills done for the film.  Such a pose seems like a natural for a movie called, "The Fuller Brush Man".  The first one features Red Skelton with a normal looking brush.  In the second one, the brush is almost as big as his head, which I'm sure appealed to Red's comic side.  Here they both are:


Enzo said...

Thanks for the info on the photos Dr. Ken.
Not only did the brush change, but so did her outfit. Can't decide which outfit I prefer.

I do find the personalized S" on the brush funny!

Harry Kersey said...

Not only did her outfit change but her entire body!

In other words, it's two different actresses. There will be more about Hollywood spanking publicity stills later this year in a forthcoming article on my Vanilla Spanking blog, which may be found here: