Thursday, June 11, 2015

Drawing On Experience

A few drawings featuring our favorite subject.....

This drawing is based on an old spanking picture.  I recognize the pose and the spankee's flying hair.  The man has been given some facial hair to make it look different.  Nice touch!

No spanking in this one, but Clip Art of Bettie Page?  Who can resist?

Another naughty schoolgirl being tended to by the Matron.  Judging from the waving hand, the kicking leg, and the lost shoe--I think the Matron is doing an excellent job of making sure this girl learns her lesson!

I know a few ladies who are on the "Naughty List"--and this treatment shouldn't wait until Christmas!  (from Spank Hard magazine)

This just makes me sad, and I've complained about it before.  I understand that, to whoever saved this picture and posted it, the spanking drawing was the most important thing.  But it's a cartoon, a gag from one of the old Men's Humor magazines and by cropping the caption, they've really ruined the whole thing!  What's a cartoon gag without a punchline???

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