Thursday, June 25, 2015

A Blast From The Past

Roger Moore as The Saint, more proof as to how handy drop-seat PJs are, and two other black-and-white photos make up this "vintage" showing.

I must admit, I get a chuckle out of looking at some of these photos and realizing that they were new when I first saw them.  Now they're considered "vintage".  I guess that's one of the sure signs I'm growing old....

And while I may be older, I'm still capable of turning a smart-alecky women over my knee, baring her bottom, and lighting up her behind like a Christmas tree!  So, be careful with the comments on my age, ladies..... :-)

1 comment:

jimc said...

I love your blast from the past Erica Rogers getting spanked by Roger Moore was a all-time favorite. Great finds. Thanks for sharing them.