Wednesday, April 22, 2015

The Three B's

The Belt --

The Birch --

The Brush --

And that all-important Fourth B --

The Bottom


Anonymous said...

And...the BARE bottom too Dr Ken...fabulous photos. Brenda x

Dr. Ken said...

Brenda -- That's a very important distinction. I always say the REAL spanking doesn't start until her panties come down. Everything up to that point was just a warm-up.

Anonymous said...

What's a warm-up Dr Ken? ;-) tee-hee. I'm not sure naughty girls deserve such privileges! Boo-Hoo OUCH! Like for instance, that last photo - daddy's slipper has paid a long overdue visit. Bare Botty - Job done ! Brenda x

Dr. Ken said...

Brenda -- A good warm-up usually means the spanking can last longer. And since a lot of the spankings I give aren't meant for "punishment", that's important.