Sunday, April 26, 2015

Silent Sunday

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Anonymous said...

Home from home - wow, Dr Ken, I like the first two drawings showing my sister and me getting our tender botties smacked in the good old days. I sooo love the second sketch - unusual but captures the moment perfectly. The moment being the 1970s when my strict papa used to say that a stinging bottom does no harm. And so that's why when I was a naughty girl, the little switch-cane was retrieved from the cupboard, and down came a pair of cutey cotton shorts, down came a pair of cutety cotton panties... so that a chubby, white , bare, sensitive, botty could feel the proper sting of a well-deserved paternal tanning. No half-measures. Boo-Hoo.. Strict times back then! Same for my sister too of course, as this drawing shows...bare botties would sting. It did me the world of good Dr Ken! ;-) Brenda x