Tuesday, March 3, 2015

The Persistence Of Memory

One of my favorite sites and a great source of information and material is the Chicago Spanking Review.  The Web-Ed does a fantastic job.  You can easily spend hours browsing through the spanking artwork.

Not too long ago he posted a drawing by Tim.  Chross picked the post as one of his "Spankings Of The Week".  Ordinarily I'd tell you to go look it up, but I'm going to repost it instead.  You'll see why in a minute.  Here it is.....

I enjoyed the post and the Web-Ed's story behind it, but right away something started gnawing on my brain.  I've seen a lot of spanking pictures and drawings over the years, and I couldn't shake the feeling that somehow I had seen this before.  It took a little memory searching, but I finally figured it out.

There's a photo set from one of the old spanking magazines (not sure which one, sorry) called "The Headmaster's Daughter".  I posted the set a year or two back.  It's a favorite photo series of mine, which is probably why it set off a spark.  I think one of the photos must have served as a model for the artist.  (In the absence of live models, many artists will rely on photographs to inspire their drawings.)
There were some fundamental changes in the drawing, of course.  A glass-paneled door in the photo becomes a window for the boyfriend to look through.  A few additional pieces of furniture--such as the clock showing the time--have been added.  The heads of the spanker and spankee have been changed, of course, and in keeping with the drawing, the Father is dressed in pajamas and slippers rather than a sweater and a tie.

But here, judge for yourself.  This is a close-up of the spanking in the drawing--

And here's the photo from "The Headmaster's Daughter--

I think the artist did a pretty good job of capturing it, don't you?


Leigh Smith said...

Excellent job.

Enzo said...

I think you are right that this photo served as inspiration! Another thing to note is comparing his face in both; very similar.

Dr. Ken said...

Leigh Smith -- Thanks. That's happened to me a few times--I see a drawing and realize, "Oh, they must have used such-and-such a picture or drawing as a model." That's what happens when you spend so much time looking at spanking pictures, I guess. :-)

Dr. Ken said...

Enzo -- Very true.