Sunday, November 30, 2014

Silent Sunday


sixofthebest said...

Dr. Ken the one photo that I like best is the 5th one down. Where the naughty lady is being spanked on a panties down bare bottom, wearing garter-belt and stockings.

Anonymous said...

A great set Dr. Ken. I can sympathize with the girl over the park bench. I found myself in a similar situation at Afton State Park over the summer. At least the beauty of nature takes a little of the sting out...though not much ;)

Baxter said...

Great pictures. I like the bottom one, the girl has bared her bottom, is pleading for mercy, but probably realizes that going OTK is just seconds away and her bottom will suffer the consequences and is anticipating.

Dr. Ken said...

sixofthebest -- Garter belt and stockings are very sexy items that we don't actually see much of anymore....which is definitely too bad.

Isabella R. -- I'm going to have to start hanging out at Afton State Park. :-) And if the beauty of nature takes some of the sting out, I'm sure any good spanker knows how to put the sting right back in.

Baxter -- Glad you like them. Those before and after pictures can be quite evocative.