Monday, February 24, 2014

What's Going On

I thought I'd just take second of your time to tell you what's going on here, as I've started doing a few things differently.

I used to always say that the publishing schedule of this blog was erratic, at best.  Two or three posts a week, sometimes only one--no set schedule, just whatever I've had time for.

Lately I've been trying to do some kind of a post, if not every day, then at least 6 days a week, in an effort to bring people here more often, or entice newcomers to keep coming back.  To give you a rough idea of the schedule--Monday through Friday will be "Anything Goes" days.  Posts on those days might be photos of spanking, or drawings of spanking, or "Spankable Bottom" photos--whatever I want.

Saturday is now going to be "Spankable Saturday", photos of lovely ladies with lovely bottoms who have either been spanked, or at least look tempting enough to make you wish you could spank them.

Sunday will be "Silent Sunday".  All that means is that I'm not going to subject you to my usual verbiage, the only thing posted on that day will be a photo or photos with no words from me.  You might hear from me in the "Comments" section, but that's all.  Nothing but pictures, otherwise.

That's the plan.  I have no idea yet as to whether this change is permanent, or if I'll eventually go back to a more leisurely schedule.  For now, I'm just going to keep emptying out the archives.

Today's drawing:  I approve of the Mother's way of thinking in this one.  Spank the daughter now as a way of letting her know what will happen later if she doesn't make curfew.  Meanwhile, the boyfriend waits outside.  I think the young lady will listen to her Mother's warning, don't you?


Hermione said...

Hi Dr. Ken,

I like your new schedule. I think just having a schedule of some kind is very motivating, and keeps those posts coming on a regular basis.

Great cartoon! What is mother spanking her with? A paintbrush?


Dr. Ken said...

Hermione--I know you've been an "every day" poster, and I see the value having certain things scheduled on certain days. Veronica does the same on her blog. I'll give it a try and see if I can keep up the schedule.