Monday, September 2, 2013

Radio Spanko--A Brief Re-visit

Usually when I hear talk of spanking on the radio, it's coming from the "Lori and Julia show" on FM 107.1 here in Minnesota.  This time I caught a very brief mention from a different program, the "Jason and Alexis" show, which is the station's early morning program.

I sometimes think Alexis's mind works on a different level from everyone else's.  I think she blurts out the first thoughts that come to her mind, sometimes, which can have hilarious results.  She's also very tender-hearted, often trying to put a good spin on a not-so-good story.  She's very open and honest, which has led to her letting us know of her fondness for granny panties (full coverage and comfortable) and, when speaking of her childhood, she confesses that "I earned every spanking I ever got!"

Last week, during a segment on animals, they started tossing around the question of, "If you could have one animal attribute, what would you choose?"  The producer of the show, Marley, chose flying, I believe.  Jason, for some reason, said that he would like to have a beaver tail!  Marley asked him why and, for that matter, what did beavers even use them for?  Jason brought up the fact that, in building their dams, they could use the flat tails to pat down the mud holding the dam together.

At which point Alexis, who was clearly thinking of other uses for those flat beaver tails, broke in under the conversation and said, "Imagine those spankings!  That would be nasty!"

Much to my surprise, neither Jason or Marley picked up on what she said, or commented on it.

I heard it, though..... :-)

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