Friday, May 4, 2012

The Top Ten List For 2012

  The last post, with all it's talk about spankings in movie and TV and the mainstream media, naturally got me thinking about that favorite subject:  If you spank or be spanked by any celebrity, who would you choose?  AS always seems to be the case, I have a hard time narrowing it down to just one--although if you twisted my arm and demanded an answer, I'd probably still go with Jennifer Aniston.

  However--no one is coercing me.  And Jennifer Aniston has been on my list last year, and the year before that, and the year before that, etc,. etc.  I don't want to just repost the same list with the same ladies year after year.

  Last year, I started off my list with Jennifer Aniston and Halle Berry, two long -time favorites.  After that, I made a decision to deliberately find new names for the rest of the list, women who had not been on the list before.  I had a lot of fun doing it, but I actually put way too much thought into it.  It literally took me months and months before I finally named the last person on the list.  This year will be quicker.  I'm probably not going to do it in one post, or even one post after another, but this year I hope to have the list down in weeks, not nine months later.

  I have no intention of dragging it out again this year.  I will try to include some new faces (or new bottoms, as it were), but I'm not going to be so fussy  about it.  There will undoubtedly be several names that appeared on list years list.    It may be a new year, but they're still spankworthy.

  So, here we go.  I'll start from 10 and work on down, but there really is no numerical order to the list.  I could just as easily call the first lady number 1 as number 10.  The point is that there will be 10 of them--they're not ranked by any means.

  Oh, and let me just stress one more time--this is a fantasy list.  I am in no way suggesting that the people named actually enjoy spanking or being spanked.  It's just a fantasy list of ladies I wouldn't mind having over my knee for some spanking fun, if they were so inclined.

  So, for today, numbers 10 and 9--let the mental spanking begin!

  Number 10 is actress Daniela Ruah from the TV series, NCIS: Los Angeles:

  And Number 9 is singer Katy Perry, one of the holdovers from last year's list:

BTW, in case you're wondering, the word written across her backside in this photo is "RUSTY".    She's not claiming that her bottom is rusty from a lack of spanking, however.    Russell Brand, now her former husband, has the Twitter handle of "@rustyrockets".  It's probably safe to say that, at the time this photo was taken, it was meant as just a little shout-out to him.

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