Thursday, February 16, 2012

A Few Seconds With Radio Spanko

I'm talked about "Radio Spanko" many times before here on this blog. It's actually MyTalk 107.1 FM here in Minnesota. During the week, it's primarily programs with local hosts, with a few hours late at night dedicated to a nationally syndicated radio show. "A little gossip, a lot of laughs" is the way one on-air promo describes it. They've also referred to it as "People magazine, but on the radio", as the hosts daily look at the Pop culture universe.

And every now and then, the word "spanking" slips into the conversation. It's popped up a few times, although there might be weeks or months between references.

My favorite hosts have to be the "drive-time divas", Lori and Julia. They've known each other for years, worked together at a different job, then became friends, then became sisters-in-law when Lori married Julia's brother (a firefighter named Ken, interestingly enough) and for the last nine years have hosted The Lori and Julia Show. Needless to say, knowing each other so well, they can needle each other and get under each other's skin like no one else can.

I believe it was this past Monday when Lori went off on a rant on some topic (sorry, I can't remember exactly what it was). When Lori gets going, she's like a dog with a bone--you can't get her away from it. Julia kept trying to move to a new topic, and Lori kept dragging the conversation back to the subject she was wound up about. Julia finally told her to let it go, and if she didn't, "I'm going to spank you!"

I thought this might lead to some spirited and playful back and forth, but to my complete and utter amazement, it didn't bring forth one single comment--not from Lori, nor from the other on-air personality of the show, producer Donnie Love. I was happy for the brief reference, but disappointed that it wasn't followed up.

And then there were a few brief comments yesterday. This time, the subject was jeggings.

Julia was discussing a certain brand--once again, sorry, I don't remember the name--and opined that they were very much like Spanx in the way they compress and hold everything in. She also said that you had to think about possible bathroom breaks, because they weren't all that easy to slip on and off. Lori added, "And you have to hope no one hurts their hand when they slap you on the bottom."

Julia laughed, and Lori continued, "That's what I always say to my husband when he slaps me on the bottom, 'Did you hurt your hand'?"

Now, as every spanko out there knows, that's a cute but bratty thing to say to someone who just smacked your bum. And it pretty much guarantees that it's going to get slapped agin.....and again....and again....

Ah, the drive-time divas. Gotta love 'em!


Hermione said...

OMG that's priceless!

After the first spanking reference that no one followed up on, I thought maybe they had been warned to lay off the kinky references, but I guess not.

Keep them coming, Dr. Ken!


Enzo said...

Ken -

I love your Radio Spanko updates!
You got my interest brewing so I searched for possible images of this radio show and these lovely sounding hosts.

Of interest, if you haven't already checked it out, is their show's website and their photo gallery which includes some possible "on-topic" pics which might be of interest...for example:


Cherry said...

Hehe jeggings leave no room for padding! ;)

Dr. Ken said...

Hermione--I had the same thought, especially as the weeks turned into months without some mention of spanking: "Have they been told to cool it with the "S" word?"

I kept picturing a meeting where the boss calls them in and says, "There's a blogger out there who talks about us everytime we mention "spanking". It's giving people a warped idea about our station. Let's not give him any material to work with."

Enzo--nice research job! The second photo is Sofia Vergara, I'm not sure who the first photo features (Kristen Chenowith, maybe?) And as you go through the gallery, there are pictures of the divas, as well, in case anyone is interested.

Cherry--definitely no padding except what you might be able to supply naturally.....and I don't think jeggings offer much in the way of protection, either!