Thursday, March 11, 2010

Whistle A Happy Tune

I must say, she looks like she's having a really good time...........

Him, I'm not so sure about!


Hermione said...

I wonder what he did to earn that attention? She seems happy enough to give him plenty of it.


Anonymous said...

It was all an accident but she did not believe it for one moment!.He only came in to practice his darts game for a competition later. He maintained it her fault by distracting him by bending down to pick up a bottle! Understandably his resulting throw went wide hit the wall and bounced off and he scored an unintended bulls eye on a certain well rounded part of her anatomy! After her scream had subsided ,she demanded revenge- hence his bending over for a hard paddling! Jack.


He looks happy enough to me :-)


Dr. Ken said...

Hermione--I believe it's his birthday, actually.

Jack--a very fanciful scenario!

Prefectdt--You are very probably right. :-)

Larken said...

I think he's doing research. It's every Tops responsibility to personally assess the ouchiness of all new implements from a subjective point of view. I think that's a rule in the Handbook of Official Top Training.

She seems to be enjoying herself. This may be a rare opportunity.