Thursday, March 4, 2010

Something For Everyone

I'm going to take a moment to point out the obvious.

If you've read my profile over to the right, then it should come as no surprise when I tell you that I'm a male, straight, and a Top (or, as I prefer to say it, a Spanker.) Consequently, whenever I run photos here that are not out-and-out spanking photos, they tend to be of attractive females with cute, spankable bottoms because--well, go back and read the first line of this paragraph. I repeat--male, straight, Spanker. Since the pictures that get shown are my choice, they tend to reflect my preference.

However, I'm certainly aware that Spankers come in all shapes and sizes--and genders. Spanking enthusiasts run the full spectrum--not just Male spanks Female, but Female spanks Female, Female spanks Male, and Male spanks Male. There's good Spanko fun to be had for everyone, no matter what your spanking of choice may be.

So with that in mind, let today's pictures take that "something for everyone" approach. Here's a picture for the Men, and--let's be honest--probably a number of Women:

And here's a picture for the Women, and--let's be honest--probably a number of Men:

As for any spanking--well, I leave that up to your imaginations......


Hermione said...

Minnesota has some wonderful beaches!!!

They both have very spankable butts.


Dr. Ken said...

Hermione--actually, both of those pictures were grabbed off of the Web, so I think I can say without fear of contradiction that NEITHER of those beaches are in Minnesota. :-)

Larken said...

Hello, Dr. Ken!

I read your comment on Devlin O'Neill's blog and thought I'd come over and say Hello. I am just learning about blog etiquette, so please forgive that I signed on here without introducing myself. I've been visiting here for a while, but just lurked. I had never commented on anyone's blog before last week, ever. I'm getting braver, though. (See? Here I am.) I've read your comments on Devlin's blog, too. You're funny, Dr. Ken! And clever. I appreciate clever.

Nice pictures. Isn't Minnesota the Land of Lakes? Don't they have beaches? I think the woman could be standing in the landscape at the top of your blog! Nice beach scenery for us women, too. But I would be just as happy to see a handsome man, with strong hands, in a nice suit. In fact, of your most recent pictures, that last Prince Valiant is my favorite. I snarfed it and saved it in iPhoto.

Thanks for saying Hello. That made me brave enough to comment here.


Dr. Ken said...

Hi, Larken!
I don't know that there is any particular blog etiquette posting and introducing yourself, and of course just lurking is always welcome. I've been enjoying your comments on Devlin's blog, and I'm also very happy to see you over here. Don't be a stranger! (And thanks for the kind words!)

Huh Chuh said...

I really enjoyed the "something for everyone" attitude of this post! I like both pictures. :)

Dr. Ken said...

huh chuh--every now and then I try to be fair. :-) Glad you enjoyed both pics!