Thursday, January 14, 2010

Radio Spanko--On The Air!

My favorite radio station is at it again.

If you look back through my archives, you'll come across various posts and references to what I call "Radio Spanko". It's actually FM 107.1 here in the Twin Cities. I began listening to the station simply because it was one of the few that my radio was able to pick up in the building where I work. After listening for a while, I noticed one of the afternoon co-hosts making a little spanking reference here and there. She did it enough times that i wrote about it and dubbed the station, "Radio Spanko." Now whenever I hear her make a new reference, I put it up here on the blog.

But she's not the only one who's done it. The last time I wrote about Radio Spanko, it was a comment from an early morning show hosted by husband and wife Ian and Margery.

And the little radio "startles" have kept right on coming. On the Jason and Alexis show, host Jason Matheson on occasion will say something like, "Well, smack my butt and call me Charlie", and his co-host, Alexis Thompson, invariably responds, "Bend over." Jason has never commented or called Alexis out on it--it might be funny if he did!

I heard the latest one today.

Once again, it came from the Ian and Margery show. The dialogue that follows is not verbatim--I'm attempting to recreate it from memory, so it's bound to be a little off, but it's close enough.

Margery apparently managed to get a ticket, and she and Ian were talking about it on the air.

Margery: Maybe it's my Catholic guilt talking, but I feel like I deserved that $111 ticket.

Ian: Couldn't you get the ticket waived, and just say 5 Hail Mary's instead?

Margery: In my world view....I deserve to be punished.

Ian: I'll give you a spanking, you get the ticket waived and say 5 Hail Mary's, and then I'll say 3 Hail Mary's for giving you a spanking!

Margery: I'll let the judge spank me, how about that?

Ian: This is my life....

The fun thing about this exchange is the fact that the radio station took this snippet of conversation and is using it as a promo for the Ian and Margery show, so it gets played over and over again throughout the day!

Catching a spanking reference when you least expect it is so much fun.....


Hermione said...

Dr, Ken - that's so cool! Imagine them making a promo out of it! No wonder you could reproduce the dialogue so well.

I always love your Radio Spanko posts.


Anonymous said...

I love it when a spanking referance just pops up- it makes me feel all is right with the world.

Anonymous said...

Great post, Doc, and congrats on getting Chrossed!

Dr. Ken said...

Hermione--I believe the previous post I did with a radio spanking reference from Ian was also taken from a promo piece. That station sure knows the right buzzwords to make someone stop and listen!

Poppy--It makes me feel like there's hope for Minnesota, after all. Anytime I can catch a reference, or happen to catch a swat from one spouse to another (or from girlfriend to girlfriend), i always get a smile on my face.

Dev--thanks, and thanks for letting me know that Chross has honored this post by making it a "Spanking of the Week"! I always get a thrill out of that...

Michael said...

Love this post, Dr. Ken, and congratulations on having it selected by Chross as one of his Spankings of the Week. Way to go!

Dave Wolfe said...

Excellent, Doc! And that they chose that bit for the daily promo does say a lot!

I heard one on a Country radio station in the desert southwest, too:

After making a very mushy song dedication to her husband on the air, the caller refused to give names, lest his co-workers also listening in the shop give him a bunch of grief.

"Oh, I see!" said the DJ. "Then he'd come home and spank you?"

"Ooh!" replied the Mrs. "Wouldn't that be nice?!!"