Thursday, May 15, 2008

Richard Windsor Is A Very Busy Man

In my last post I talked about Dave's excellent other site, The Daisy Dukes Report. I hope that everyone who read about it here clicked the link on the right side of the page and went to check it out. And if you did, I also hope that some of you left a comment telling him how much you enjoyed your visit.

Now, since I'm spreading some joy and blog love around, let me ask this: What do you get when those ladies take their Daisy Dukes off?

Beautiful Panties, of course--Richard Windsor's new blog!

The House Of Richard Windsor is another of my favorite blogs, and if I've learned anything from reading it, it's that Richard has a very large collection of pictures saved on numerous hard drives. which he's only too happy to share with us. I've been looking at spanking pictures for a long time, and after a while, you feel like you've seen all the old photos. Yet he constantly comes up with vintage shots from his collection that I've never seen before. I'll admit it, I'm in awe.

Richard has decided to "open the vault", so to speak, and is going to share his collection of photos with all of us. And to do this, he's created a new blog--Beautiful Panties. The name says it all--the site is full of photos of lovely young ladies showing off their pantied bottoms. Here are a couple of samples. Both photos are from Richard Windsor's Beautiful Panties:

The "Hello Kitty" panties are just too adorable for words. I don't know if I could bring myself to lay a single spank across the seat of those panties--which means, I guess, I'd have to pull them down first, and then spank her!

So there you have it--cute girls with their cute bottoms encased in cute panties. What's not to like? And because many of the people visiting the site will be coming from his other blog, Richard has said that he'll mix in some spanking photos amongst the panty-clad young ladies.

As if that isn't enough, Richard has taken over the Spanking Pics And Video blog, keeping it alive. And he's most recently started Richard Windsor's Vintage Spanking, a place to post some of those older photo sets that he has safely stored away.

I have links to all of these sites on the right-hand side of my blog. Go check them out--I think they'll all make your "favorites" list. And leave Richard a note to let him know you appreciate his efforts!


Anonymous said...

I have heard about Richard Windsor from another blog that I read and he has been very busy. I don't know how he keeps up with all of them. I will try to check them out if the library's computers will let me! Thanks for letting us know, Dr. Ken!

Spanking OTK said...

Good material, Excelent Work.

I propose exchanging links between our blogs. If they agree, Let me a message on my blog.


Michael said...

Thanks, Dr. Ken. I have visited Richard Windsor's sites and like you, am amazed at not only the quanitiy and quality of his pictures, but of the freshness - both in newness and brattiness - of his pictures. Good work, Doc. :)


Dave said...

Richard is one of the hardest working bloggers in blog-land...and from reading his blog, can party like a rock star, too. :)

gotta love this guy! and his vast collection of vintage spanking imagery.

best regards

Dr. Ken said...

Pest--You're welcome, and--if the library computers will let you--I know you're in for some happy blog moments.

Spanking OTK--Ok, sure. Look for the message on your message board.

Michael--I really enjoy his vintage pictures. After being a spanko for as long as I have, it's a treat to come across old photos you've never seen before.

Dave--He can certainly out-party me, that's for sure! The blogisphere is a better place with him in it.