Friday, December 26, 2014

Asking For Your Help

The Chief's Spanking Blogg is doing the Spanking Awards for 2014.  Some results are already in, nominations are up and posted.  There is still time, I believe, to vote on a few categories, and that's where I'd like your help.

No, it's not for me.  I and my little blog don't ever get nominated for anything--although, every now and then, one of my posts makes Chross's "Spankings Of The Week" list.

No, in this case, I'm asking you for a favor to help out a friend of mine.  The category is the Best Male Top, and a good friend of mine, Paul "Tubaman" Rogers, is nominated.  I've known Tubaman for years, and he's a great guy.  He's the guy at the spanking parties that all the women tend to gravitate toward.  He's got a "toy bag" the size of--well--Texas, and he's extremely proficient and effective with everything that's in there.  It's no surprise, then, that he makes such a great Top, both in real life and in video and photo shoots.

And while you're at it, the nominations for Best Female Top are up and available for voting, too.  And if I can ask one more favor, please vote for Sarah Gregory in this category.  I've long been a fan of Sarah as a bottom--and a fan of her bottom, for that matter--but not all that long ago, Sarah started exploring her Top side.  It should come as no surprise that she's very good at it.  She's obviously taken all that experience she got as a bottom and applied what she has learned.  She can Top with the best of them, so please vote for her, as well.

I don't know how much longer the voting will be open, so please--as soon as you finish reading this, click on the link below, go to the post, scroll down toward the bottom of page, find the voting list, and cast your vote for Paul "Tubaman" Rogers for Best Male Top and for Sarah Gregory as Best Female Top.  I'd appreciate it!!!

Here's the link:

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