Tuesday, April 25, 2017

The Missing ESF Centerfold

Many years ago, there was a magazine called Erotic Spanking Fantasies.

If memory serves, there were seven issues of the magazine, although I admittedly could be wrong about that.  .  I don't want to over-hype it--it wasn't an earth-shattering "greatest spanking magazine ever" type of thing--but I did like it.  Each issue had several spanking photo-stories, with decent models and good photography and had many excellent "moment-of-impact" shots.  And each issue had a two-page center spread.

The two models on the cover of this issue didn't have a photo story in the magazine.  They only appeared on the cover and in the centerfold.  I must say I thought the spankee was a real cutie.

The centerfold used the same yellowish background and the stool, even the same camera angle.  The only difference was that the spanker was seated with the naughty young miss over her knee, panties lowered as shown, complete with the gloves and high heels.

For all my years of collecting spanking photos, and for all the archives that I have stored, I have never  seen a copy of that centerfold online.And I want one.

There probably is a copy of it out there somewhere on some blog (or possibly blogs) that I just haven't been able to come across.  My searches have (so far) turned up nothing.

So I ask--if anyone knows of a blog or a website where a .jpg of that centerfold exists, please leave a comment to this post and let me know.  There's no prize or reward for doing so, but you will have my thanks and gratitude.


jimc said...

I think there is a blog about spanking mags out there and they sold ESF esp. the one you are looking for (Janus bookstores may have it as well.) I loved ESF esp. for the centerfolds. I thought the girls were esp. spankable. Thanks for sharing and hope you find what you are looking for. Have a great day.

Enzo said...

Dr. Ken -
I had never heard of this magazine, but thanks for sharing.
I do hope you find that centerfold image as it does sound great based on your description and the model.


Dr. Ken said...

Jim -- Thanks for the info. I don't want to buy the magazine, though--I'd just like to find a .jpg of that particular picture.

Enzo -- Thanks. Still no luck, but I'm trying....