Wednesday, April 26, 2017

Saddle Tramp

I've had the chance recently to catch some old films that I've never seen before.  The latest one was an old Western called Saddle Tramp, starring Joel McRae and Wanda Hendrix.  Of course, the main reason I watched it was because of this....

Wanda looks properly distressed, and Joel seems....well.....enthusiastic, to say the least.

It is, obviously, just a publicity still.  Anytime you get a photo of the two actors against a blank background and not on the movie set or surrounded by props, chances are it's just a publicity still and the odds are about 50/50  of there actually being such a scene in the movie.  I also seemed to recall reading somewhere that there was no spanking scene in the movie.

I watched it anyway.

Sadly, my memory proved correct--there was no spanking in the movie.  There was a sort of general threat.
Joel McRae plays the title role who winds up looking after 4 boys when their father is killed.  While traveling they're joined by Wanda Hendrix, who plays a 19-year old runaway from her Uncle's ranch.  After getting into some mischief while he was out looking for work, Joel tells the boys they're to stay in camp when he's gone and to not go wandering about, or he'll give them a paddling--and he then turns to Wanda Hendrix and says, "And that goes for you, too!"

There is some wandering out of camp after that, but the threat of a paddling is never carried out.  Too bad.  This would have been fun to see....


Belsteph said...

Could she feel anything through all those layers of skirts?

If I was the spanker, her bottom would be bare!

Dr. Ken said...

Belsteph -- Pretty sure she's only wearing one skirt

jimc said...

the otk one was one of my favorite movie stills. Like you i thought his smile and her expressions conyeyed quite alot. I liked her position and thought that it was very well photographed when i 1st saw it. And also like you i watched the movie and was disappointed that there was not a spanking scene in it. I have watched many that have not had the spanking scene in it and that was the only reason to watch it in the first place. i had read someplace that he did spank her at the end of the movie and was let down when there wasn't. I had heard of another spanking in another Joel Macrae film called the THE GREAT MANS LADY with Babara Stanwyck and watched that one and while the results of a spanking were implied (eating off the mantelpiece while standing) i was saddened by the fact that she wasn't. More the pity because she was threatened in many of her movies, but to my knowledge was never actually spanked in any of them. Thanks for sharing and have a great day.

Dr. Ken said...

Jim -- It's always a letdown when you see a great spanking publicity photo, and then discover the actual movie has no spanking scene in it, or maybe just a spanking threat, or an implied spanking or something done off-screen--especially when the actress looks so gosh-darn spankable.