Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Pop Quiz

When Carl told Donna that she reminded him of his pickup truck, he meant that she:

A) Was dependable and reliable

B)  Needed some bodywork

C)  Occasionally required some special handling to get moving

D)  Was dinged up and full of holes

Answer --

C)  Occasionally required some special handling to get moving


smuccatelli said...

It's like the traveling salesman joke where he stays in the barn overnight and awakens to see the farmer hitching up the mule to the plow. After he's done, he picks up a piece of wood and cracks the mule right between the eyes and the salesman protests, "Hey! What didja do that for?". And the farmer replies "Well, he's a mule. First you gotta get his attention...".

Dr. Ken said...

smuccatelli-- The difference, of course, is where the motivation is being applied. I do not advocate cracking a woman between the eyes...especially since nature has provided a better spot.... :-)