Tuesday, January 24, 2017

Alphabet Soup -- M

"M" is for Mooning --


Enzo said...

Dr. Ken -
I think that last picture, the soccer goal, is my favorite.

Although I am curious what sport they play as those aren't soccer shorts they all seem to be wearing. Perhaps they are volleyball players?

Keep up the good work.

Dr. Ken said...

Enzo -- I think it's a case of the picture just happened to be outdoors and they posed by the framework of a soccer goal. As you say, they're probably not a soccer team. Could be a volleyball team, could be track and field, could be...well...anything, really!

jimc said...

I always think being mooned is actually a compliment at least for bottom fanciers. I never get tired of seeing pretty girls mooning (which is supposed to be an insult, but I really enjoy seeing their bottoms). Thanks for sharing such a great alphabet series. I enjoy your picks and can think of others that were not used, but that is of course the challenge as all spankos are not created equally. We each have our individual loves and that includes positions, body types, hair, clothing, spankers, implements etc. Thanks for sharing and have a great day.

smuccatelli said...

I do like "moon shots"; at least when girls do it. Some very attractive plump rumps there and it also looks like at least some of them have been smacked a bit...

Dr. Ken said...

Jim -- You're absolutely right. The "alphabet soup" is governed by my own biases and preferences and is not meant to be definitive. As you say, we each have our own preferences, and if 5 other tops were to write out their own A to Z lists, there would probably only be a few in common.

smuccatelli -- Same here, and the same qualifier--only when it's girls doing the mooning.