Sunday, November 6, 2016

Spanking Sunday


jimc said...

Quite a collection. One of them was in a book "A SPANKING FOR LAUREL" I think. I lived in a sub-division that actually had many of the names (the streets were also the names of the women i.e. Laurel Street; Ann Lenox; Emily Bruning; Virginia Fairfax; Ann Andale; and some others. A favorite book indeed. Great finds. Thanks for sharing and have a great day.

smuccatelli said...

That last one looks like it's definitely gonna leave a mark! ;-0 The German movie poster one is interesting. I couldn't find much on it and the only actor I recognized is Dahlia Lavi, an Israel popular in the fifties through the seventies. The title in English is Black-White-Red Four Poster and it was made in 1962. Apparently, the genre is "comedy/romance" and is set in the 1910's. No plot description is available. Lavi might be the girl getting the spanking and it looks like it might no be the only one.

Dr. Ken said...

Jim -- Thanks for the book information!

smuccatelli -- And thanks for the movie information! I do believe it is Dahlia Lavi that is being spanked.