Thursday, July 14, 2016

And This Week's Celebrity Is....

Honestly, I really don't intend to start a regular feature called "Celebrity Butts".  

Granted, I put up some photos of Ariana Grande recently, showing off her lovely bottom.  And last week I couldn't help but post the photo Kate Hudson sent out of her naked derriere (along with a few other photos I found).  And I'd be more than happy to let it go at that.  But darn it, these actresses and singers keep posting photos of their bottoms, and....well....this IS a spanking blog, after all, which means someone's bottom is definitely the focus of our attention.  So when a beautiful lady from the entertainment world shares a photo of her bare (or almost bare) bottom, I feel obligated to share it with you--and to see if I can find a few extra similar photos, as well.

It happened again, and this time the celebrity is LeAnn Rimes.  She posted a photo that was taken during the recent holiday of her buns in a bikini, which of course sent me to the search engine looking for other shots of her.  The lady must spend the majority of her time in bikinis, because there were a lot photos to choose from.

I must admit that LeAnn Rimes is a bit on the thin side for my tastes, but a good spankable bottom is a good spankable bottom, regardless of it's size.  So here are a few examples of LeAnn Rimes, beginning with that holiday photo:

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