Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Ariana Grande

I could probably devote an entire "Spankable Saturday" post to lovely young performer Ariana Grande, but I prefer to make those Saturday posts a variety of different ladies.  So let's just call this a bonus "Spankable"  The first photo is not a video, btw--the arrow was just part of the picture grab.
I understand there is some dispute over the last two nude pictures.  While they might be real selfies, they could be fakes or, for that matter, not even her.  So if this is a bonus "Spankable", let's just call those two pictures an "extra bonus".

Here's Ariana Grande--

And here the last two....


Enzo said...

Dr. Ken.

In my opinion, I don't think the last ones are her. The second to the last one looks photoshopped as the head looks disproportionate to the body.

I'll stick to the ones that we know for a fact are her. The ruffled panties under the ruffled skirt, that is a nice enough reality.


Dr. Ken said...

Enzo -- I had the same thought about the head--it seemed like an awfully long neck. Something was just a bit off. Still, it came up during my search, so I figured I'd go ahead and post it with the disclaimer.

jimc said...

It is a great bottom whoever it belongs to. It is always great to see performers with such a spankable bottom and their costumes do display it nicely. I hope you find other celebrity bottoms to showcase as well. Have a great day.

Dr. Ken said...

Jim -- I agree. The last two are very nice bottoms, whoever they belong to. And Ariana's bottom is certainly displayed well in the other shots. If only more female performers would wear skirts that are so easily flipped up.... :-)