Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Lana Lang

I was a big comic book fan growing up.  Still am, for that matter, even though I haven't bought one in ages.  I remember having and reading this issue when it came out--and I remember being very disappointed that Mr. Lang didn't follow through:

I keep hoping that some artist--Andy Price, perhaps--will go back to this and draw a follow-up panel where Mr. Lang suddenly declares, "On second thought--no, you're not!", and that hairbrush gets a chance to descend, after all--preferably on a struggling and kicking teen Lana with raised skirt and panty-clad bottom smarting under the impact.....

Somebody suggest it to him, would you?


Belsteph said...

If he's going to use the hairbrush after all, I agree that the naughty young lady's skirt should be raised, but why should her bottom remain "panty clad?" Hairbrush is so much more effective on the bare!!

jimc said...

yes, that was my most copied strip. I would trace it time and again to make it look like he was spanking her. I always felt somehow cheated by this one, but it does not diminish her being over the knee and her expressions were great. There have been several artists that have done "enhancements" of this one. Some had her in a shorter dress; some did have her with her dress raised and one did make it as a dream sequence where Lana was wishing her father had spanked her that time while she was getting spanked by Clark. Another one was done where after he grounded her she said it was not worth it and asked for the spanking instead and who was he to refuse his only daughter's selfless request. Thanks for the memory if you do find any I hope you will show it as well. I would be a great animated spanking to be sure. Have a great day.

Dr. Ken said...

Belsteph--Why not a panty-clad bottom? A hairbrush is pretty effective no matter how she's dressed, and panties aren't really any protection against a well-applied wooden hairbrush.

Jim -- I've never seen any of the enhancements you mention, and a quick search didn't turn any up. I'll keep my eyes open, though.

jimc said...

most of them are by Jim Scribner and are on his yahoo group, but I have seen some others I think on Underground animations when Jon was still alive and I think there was a composite made somewhere which featured the shorter skirt. Thanks for the update and have a great day. Another you should try and find is Wendy Winkle which was a great picture from 1968 and it was another of my favorites.