Saturday, March 12, 2016

Spankable Saturday

Looks like it could be a fun weekend....


jimc said...

Quite a group of spankables. Great buff butts as they are
apt to say. Now of course we can now imagine them otk and with a little color to those great rears that are just so spankable. Have a great day.

Dr. Ken said...

Jim -- It's awfully considerate of them to show us where to spank, don't yo agree?

jimc said...

Hi Dr. Ken, I was just watching an old TV series THE LEGEND OF HERCULES and there was this character named Atalanta played by Corinna Everson in Season 2 episode 16 called Let the Games Begin and she was always running and she was quite buff and you can imagine how spankable I thought her outfit was as it did show a lot of cheek and her position sometimes did define spankable. So in the spirit of spankable body builders or something like that how about the spankables of American Gladiator (Ice comes to mind and there were others that
were quite spankable as well.) Of course all the superheriones from TV shows (Wonder Woman; Supergirl;; Xena; Sheena; Jane from the Tarzan films and some of the villainesses as well Poison Ivy; Mystique; and Catwoman as having some really great outfits that did define their bottoms quite well. (and some of their poses were really great too. Have a great day.