Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Slightly Confused

"Look, I may be a bit drunk, but I REALLY don't remember this being part of "The Macarena"!


jimc said...

What you mean you don't remember the part that says put your left cheek in, put your right cheek in and shake them both about? Seems to work for them. Great pic, of course I think it might be better with another refrain "put your right hand against the left cheek and repeat until red and that's what a spanking is all about." Thank you for a great find and I may have the songs confused, but it still seems like a fun song. Have a great day.

Paul H. said...

I want the lady on the left :) Over my knee for a very long while !!!

Dr. Ken said...

Jim -- Yes, I think there is some song confusion there. LOL

Paul H -- I'd spank them all, and then decide which one I liked best.