Saturday, February 20, 2016

Spankable Saturday


Baxter said...

These pictures are great. We were in Trader Joes today and I looked over to see a young lady checking out and she had such a bubble butt. I stared at her butt for probably 20 seconds, wondering what it looked like without her yoga pants on and over my knee being spanked. It was breathtaking. But then our groceries were packed and we had paid and I followed my wife out but grabbing another two second look at a fabulous female bottom.


jimc said...

What a great bunch of spankables. They are all 10's. I love the 1st ones pose and outfit it does just invite spanking. Great finds as always. Thanks and have a great day.

Dr. Ken said...

Baxter -- I find myself doing the same, whether I'm grocery shopping, or in a big box store, or a fast food restaurant. If you're a spanko, I think it's just a normal reflex. Just wait until Spring and Summer, where the women start to wear less and less!

Jim -- Thanks! I could pick out several "favorites" here, and that first young lady is definitely one of them. The last photo, too--anytime her bottom rises up to meet the swat, it's a good thing! :-)