Tuesday, October 13, 2015

The Wedding Spankers

Who would have guessed that weddings would be a good place for some spanking?

For example, the pre-wedding bride's party.......

The bride....

The bridesmaids....

The....uh....whoever the hell this guy is.....

And, of course, the groom......well, not in this picture, but once the groom sees the photo and realizes his new bride went commando and flashed the wedding guests, there's going to be one well-spanked new wife....


Vfrat25000 said...

Photo 1
There is nothing more dignified, proper and elegant than a drunken, free for all, bachelorette party (NOT!!!!!) LOVE the ones with the bride who wears a sign that says “Spank Me!” I am always glad to oblige, also the ones with the treasure hunts. Vraft has donated his share of personal items to a needy, inebriated bachelorette.

Photo 2
Momma looks mighty miffed. It appears that the father of the bride is hitting on the Maid of Honor, the Caterer doubled their charges, the Minister is holding communion with a bottle of peppermint schnapps and a basket of cheez-its after someone slipped him a Long Island Ice Tea

Photo # 3
Oh great, we are missing Becky and Susan for the pictures. Anybody seen them?
They are out in parking lot spanking each other!
Oh OK They will be back in after awhile. They haven’t even got to the over the knee part yet!

Photo # 4
The father of the bride is just demonstrating to the groom how to handle any nagging issues or overspending after they are married.

Photo # 5 (The Bare Bottom Bride)
That isn’t the groom and she had on underwear when she and best man went into that coat room! Hmmmmmm!

Enzo said...

Weddings, brides & bridesmaids - always correlate to spankings in my mind for some unknown reason.

Dr. Ken said...

Enzo -- I wonder why that is? On the other hand, as long as you get a nice set of mental images out it..... :-)