Friday, October 16, 2015

The Allure Of Spanking

** A Chross Spanking Of The Week selection **

Thanks to recent books and movies, a lot of women have, for the first time, found themselves drawn to the idea of spanking.  They've probably spent many an idle moment daydreaming about it.  They possibly have even tried a little self-spanking and come to the conclusion that it's a nice little sting that feels good.  They tell themselves it's no big deal, they're big girls, they can handle it.

Then they meet with someone for the first time and find out what a real spanking is like when someone else is in charge--

And yet, even when it's all over and they're standing in the corner (something they didn't expect), or rubbing their all too red, sore and throbbing bottoms (something they didn't expect) and perhaps brushing away a tear or two (something they didn't expect)--even with all that, once they've had a few minutes to process it all, a large number of those women still find themselves thinking, "Oh my gawd.....I want to do that AGAIN!"

That's the allure of spanking....


Leigh Smith said...

It's true.

Minelle Labraun said...


Enzo said...

I do hope it is true, that more women are drawn to spanking now.
Not convinced, but do hope.

Dr. Ken said...

Leigh Smith -- Glad to hear it! Thanks for the confirmation!

Minelle Labraun -- I'm glad you agree. Spoken like someone who knows.... :-)

Enzo -- I definitely think it's happening....