Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Radio Spanko; Lea Michele

It's been a long, long time, but I finally picked up a little snippet from my favorite radio station here in Minnesota.

MyTalk 107.1 FM is a local radio station devoted to the pop culture scene.  The majority of local programming is talk show format, and the topics are anything to do with pop culture--celebrities, gossip, TV shows, movies, the music scene.  (Later in the day they do carry a few syndicated programs, which I don't find particularly interesting, so I stop listening when they're on.)

My favorite programming is on from 3 p.m. to 6 p.m., the Lori and Julia show--also referred to as LoJ.  Whenever I talk about "Radio Spanko", I'm usually referring to something these two have said that has some tie to spanking.  (Okay, let me correct that--it's usually something Lori has said.  I've long suspected that she's a spanko, although, of course, I have no proof of it.  But she does like to get in a spanking reference now and then!)

I hadn't really heard anything to share for months now, so I was glad to be listening this past week when they were talking about a TV show that would be coming on the air.  Neither of them liked the proposed name of the show, or the premise.  Since part of their job, of course, is to watch and be up on TV shows, Lori finally reluctantly said, "I'll watch it for us when it comes on", and Julia responded, "You'll take the pain".  And Lori, laughing, replied, "'Yes, sir, I'll have another'".

Gads, but I love listening to these two ladies!

Later on in the show, they were covering a magazine interview with actress Lea Michele (Glee, Scream Queens).  The interviewer asked Lea, "What's your favorite body part?"  Lea replied, "My butt!  It's a showstopper!"

After perusing these pictures, I find it hard to disagree....

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