Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Still At The Movies

In that "At The Movies" post I did recently, I could only identify the first picture as being from the film, "Ups And Downs Of A Handyman."  Bob Todd, well known to all "Benny Hill" fans, played The Spanking Colonel, as reflected in the movie still I posted.  That wasn't the only spanking the Colonel gave in that film, however.  Here are stills of some of the others:


Blondie said...

These are great pictures. That's how I picture my husband and me in a few years.

Enzo said...

Thanks Dr. Ken,

I had often wondered what the story was on the black & white photo. Thanks for the information. You learn something new everyday.

I may have to track down that movie.


Dr. Ken said...

Blondie -- You'll have a very happy marriage, indeed, if that's the way things turn out! :-)

Enzo -- You're welcome. And another one for the mavie collection!

smuccatelli said...

As I said regarding this subject before, the "schoolgirl" in the b/w photo, as well as the color photos of Bob in the red jacket, is Ava Cadell. Not sure who the other girls are, but I enjoyed this movie very much when I last saw it, so many years ago...

Harry Kersey said...

For those who are interested, there is a detailed account of this movie here: