Monday, August 31, 2015

At The Movies: A Look Back

I did a post recently called, "At The Movies", which featured many stills of spankings that had occurred in mainstream (well, more or less mainstream) films.  I could only identify the movie source of one or two of them, however.

One of my wonderful readers thought that the last picture posted was from the movie, "Loves Of A French Pussycat".  I was fairly certain that wasn't correct, and (for a change) I was right.  Here are three spanking stills from the "French Pussycat" movie, also called "Das Madchen Mit Der Heissen Masche".  The first two stills came from Chross and his spanking blog.  The third one is a picture I had actually posted here a while back.

 The spankee in the first one is Marlene Appelt. The last two feature Sybil Danning. The spanker in both pictures is Michael Cromer.


Enzo said...

Nice finds, all 3 of them, Dr. Ken.
Might have to track that movie down.


jimc said...

Hi Ken, Sometimes you get to be our age (60's) and you get mixed up. I am sorry I did not know the movie in question, but was glad you did put the stills of Loves of a French Pussycat anyway. I had seen all the movies at Chross one time or other, but did not go there to find the right answers ( I let my mind run free and look where it got me!)and I still stand by my comments on the movie as distracting I just had the title wrong. Thanks for a great series. Have a great day.

Dr. Ken said...

Enzo -- Nothing like adding to the movie collection.... :-)

Jim -- Hey, no worries, Jim. I mentioned your guess at the movie title just as a way to lead into the stills. I still don't have the film name of the last one.