Wednesday, July 1, 2015


Why, you might ask, is a poster for a play in New York on this blog?  A close reading of the promotional copy should give you a hint:

"Eric and Cyndy are looking for some direction. They’ve decided to follow the lead of their friends Zach and Shelley and make the real life practice of Christian Domestic Discipline the foundation of their marriage. But restructuring their lives and their union according to role play and a new moral code upends everything they knew--and took for granted--about one another, their friends, and more importantly, who really holds the power.
Robert Askins returns to MCC Theater following the critically-acclaimed Hand to God (now on Broadway) with this new comedy about our all-too-human impulse to make order out of the chaos of modern relationships. Permission marks the MCC debut of director Alex Timbers (Peter and the Starcatcher.)"

You read that right.  A play that involves the concept of Christian Domestic Discipline.  The play stars Justin Bartha as Eric and Elizabeth Reaser as Cyndy.  Their friends, Zach and Shelley, are played by Lucas Near-Verbrugghe and Nicole Lowrance.

I have not seen the play.  The reviews I've read seem somewhat mixed.  One can only hope that, when the subject turns to Domestic Discipline, that the playwright gets it mostly right.

Naturally, you can't have a play involving DD without a little spanking being involved.

Eric and Cyndy are having a few problems.  Their marriage has hit a rough patch.  They decide to have dinner with friends Zach and Shelley who seem to have a very sound marriage and ask them for advice.  But when Eric and Cyndy show up a little early for the dinner party, they accidentally stumble in on this.....

They learn about Christian Domestic Discipline from their friends, and decide to try it for themselves

Judging by the smile on her face, it seems to be working.

Where the play goes from there--well, you'd have to see it or read the script.  I think it's safe to say, though, that things probably don't all go smoothly for either couple.

So, how do the two actresses manage to handle getting spanked doing eight performances a week?  The secret is in the costuming.

There's padding in those undergarments.  They had to do a lot of searching and a lot of testing to come up with something that helped protect the actresses bottoms and yet still provided an authentic sound during the spanking scenes.  Further proof that wardrobe people are wizards when it comes to costuming.

Actress Elizabeth Reaser has said that, for her final scene, she doesn't wear the special underwear.  Talk about suffering for your art!

Considering the success of the "50 Shades Of Grey" movie, what do you think the odds are that some movie studio is taking a serious look at this property as a future project?  Time will tell, I guess.....

Until then, I'll leave you with these words, taken from an ad that ran for the play--


OldFashionGirl said...

I think I need to check this play out. XoXo

sixofthebest said...

Thank you Dr. Ken. Thank you. The world is beginning to GROW UP. Us SPANKO'S are part of the HUMAN RACE, and should NOT be ASHAMED to hide our feelings, or our lifestyles.

Dr. Ken said...

OldFashionGirl -- If you do, let me know. I'm anxious to know more about it and how it really treats it's subject matter.

sixofthebest -- Thank the playwright. I had nothing to do with it. And as I said, I haven't seen the play. I have no idea what conclusions--if any--that it draws about the practice, or about spankos in general. In other words, don't be so quick to be happy about it....