Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Spanking The Maid

Sure, he could have just fired her--but help is hard to find these days.  And it's even harder to find help that will agree to a spanking when their work isn't satisfactory!


sixofthebest said...

How beautiful, and sexually erotic are these nostalgic photo's of a naughty maid being spanked on her bare bottom. Especially with her knickers down, wearing garter-belt and stockings. I love these photo's. Thank you.

Autumn said...

Perhaps her cleaning skills would improve if she were wearing proper footwear for the job!

Somehow I don't think this scene would be quite the same if she were wearing orthopedic shoes.

Dr. Ken said...

Autumn -- You mean to say you don't do your housework wearing high heels? Are there no standards left at all? :-)