Monday, March 23, 2015

10 Rules For Sleeping Around

I Just rented a DVD this past weekend that had a little (and I do mean "little") spanking in it. The movie was called "10 Rules For Sleeping Around", and is a stinker of a film. I certainly don't recommend it.
Cameron is in a supposedly open relationship with her husband. The 10 rules are his guidelines. She's borrowed a friend's house in the Hamptons to have a fling with an 18-year old boy. (The boy is very excited to be bagging a genuine "cougar"--after all, she's at least 29!)
When he arrives, he carries her over to the sofa. She starts by trying to straddle him, but he quickly pushes her over into an OTK position. He's admiring her feet, licking her leg, lightly slapping her butt. She asks him if he's always this aggressive, but she doesn't make any move to stop things. He then announces that it's time for some "butt bongo"--clearly, he's a Howard Stern fan--and he starts slapping her bottom to some kind of rhythm in his head. Again, this is done pretty lightly--about the same strength as if you were drumming along to a song using your hands on your legs. At the end, though, he hauls and gives her two pretty good swats. Having watched the scene a few times (including slo-motion), I think those last two spanks were for real and that the actress playing Cameron (Virginia Williams) wasn't expecting them. She rises up a bit, hair flying, with a genuine "OW" look on her face. She then sinks back down onto the sofa, and there's a smile and the start of a laugh as the scene ends-- like she just realizes what happened and what she must have looked like.

A little later in the film, Cameron's friend, Kate (Tammin Sursok), is having some angry revenge sex to get even with her boyfriend. She and the guy she's chosen to jump are rolling around on the bed, and every time he rolls on top, she reaches around and starts whacking away at his butt. He tries to roll her back on top so that she'll stop, but they keep rolling back, she keeps smacking away and asking "Do you like that??" (he finally starts replying, "No! I don't like that!") They roll back and forth a few times, so there's a little F/M spanking in the film, as well.

It's a 2012 movie, so why it's just showing up in my neighborhood Redbox is beyond me.  Being that old, though, the scenes should probably be available on YouTube, or perhaps Chross has them in his movie database.  It tries hard to be a screwball sex farce, but it really misses the mark.  As I said, it's not a great movie, and the spanking scenes aren't all that  good--but it's better than nothing..

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