Monday, February 2, 2015


I came across this series in the archives.  I know I've posted these pictures before, but that's the problem with large archives--many times I add pictures or a series of pictures that I already have someplace else.  And then, depending on where they were posted and who posted them (or re-posted them),  they may have a different file name, so when I go to download the photo I don't get a message saying, "This file already exists".

So, if you've read every single post I've done over the past 7 years, you're probably going to see some repetition as I go along, like the following photos.  On the other hand, it's a cute blonde getting an OTK spanking, bottom bare, legs kicking and hair-flying.  So what's so bad about seeing it again?  :-)


Anonymous said...

What a fabulous series Dr Ken - best ever. And close to home !
I am now in my late 50s Dr Ken and I sure do recognise myself as both these ladies at different stages of my life. Oh my ! First as a 1950s born, 1960s raised daughter, growing up with my sister in a very strict, religious home in Georgia. My mother was a fierce disciplinarian.

And second, as a strict, loving 1980s mom myself, raising my own two daughters with Southern values, Dr Ken. Yes when they gotten naughty, bare bottoms featured and time outs did not.

Oh my ! Dr Ken, I sure recognise that mom's facial expression and feeling (second from last photo) as her naughty daughter's sensitive, stinging botty matches her of pure calm and contentment, victory and catharsis.. The hornets nest has landed. Job done !
This photo sequence is one for my memoirs already Dr Ken !
And one for my daughters memoirs too, in time !
Brenda xx

Dr. Ken said...

Brenda -- And, as most ladies know, those memories are capable of being revisited if they don't behave themselves...