Tuesday, January 27, 2015

The Results Are In

It was several weeks ago that I noted that the Chief's Spanking Blogg was taking votes for it's "Spanking Awards 2014".  Someone I consider a good friend, Paul "Tubaman" Rogers, was up for the Best Male Spanker award.  In my post I asked you all to please go and vote for him and, while you were at it, to vote for the lovely Sarah Gregory in the Best Female Spanker category, as well.

Well, I think some of you heard me and acted upon my request.  The results of the "Spanking Awards 2014" are in!  (Actually, they've been in for a few weeks now, but I just now saw them.)  And yes, my friends, we did it!  The award for Male Spanker did, indeed, go to the Tubaman!  And Sarah was a winner, as well!

So, all of you wonderful readers of this blog who went and voted--my sincere thanks!  I like to think that Spanking Minnesota had a little something to do with the results.  Give yourselves a nice pat on the back!  (Pat lower if you feel like it.)

I've added the Chief's Spanking Blogg to The Blog Roll.  You can click on that to go see all the results, or you can click on this link:


And thanks once again for going there and voting!  You're the greatest!

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