Monday, January 19, 2015

Spanking Minnesota 7-Year Blogiversary!

January 16th, 2008.  A Wednesday.  That's the day I sat down at my computer and created Spanking Minnesota.  And now, here I am, 7 years later, still going strong.  And it's all because of YOU, the people who come and visit this little corner of the spanking universe.

Perhaps instead of "going strong", I should say that I'm going stronger!  When I first started this blog, and for the first 5 years of its existence, the publishing schedule was sporadic.  A post every two or three days was normal.  Sometimes it might have been a post per week.  It all depended on my mood and my time management.  I don't have a photo studio, or a decent camera.  I can't afford to hire models and film original material.  I relied on the good old spanking pictures that I had downloaded from various sources, all in the public domain (as far as I know, anyway).

Last year, I decided to try something different.  Those picture archives contain thousands of photos from over the years.  Many were spanking photos, many were simply photos of models with beautiful derrieres.  I decided to rely on them and started posting on a daily basis.  The amount of writing I did on the blog decreased while the picture content increased.

So far, it's worked well.  I'm managing to post daily without feeling rushed or pressured or like "I don't have time to do this!"  Unless that changes, I'll continue to empty out the archives.  Yes, the pictures are old--but there are new people discovering the Wonderful World Of Spanking every day, and they've never seen those old photos before.  To borrow a line from an old network TV campaign, "If you haven't seen it, it's new to you!"  And those old photos deserve to be brought out, looked at, and remembered.

So--ladies, it's my 7-year celebration!  Line up and let's get this party started!


sixofthebest said...

Dr.Ken,, Bottoms Up to you on your 7th anniversary of 'spanking literature'. They say the 'pen is mightier than the sword'. or in your case, the internet computer. So keep on doing what you and us 'spanko's love, reading your interesting blog. Thanks.

Dr. Ken said...

sixofthebest -- Thank you!

jimc said...

Well congratulations on another blogiversary. I enjoy all your blog anniversary themes. I loved the endart esp. I love pictures of naughty bottoms of deserving females. Like you said. You probably do have enough to post for awhile before your collection is depleted, but in a way new spankos (and old as well) find something they have not seen or saw at one time and have not seen it in awhile. So thank you for a great blog. I enjoy coming here and enjoy your work very much. Have a great day.

Dr. Ken said...

jimc -- Thanks for the kind words, Jim!

Enzo said...

Dr Ken -
Congratulations on 7 years! That is a long time for a blog - well at least for a spanking blog as it seems so many come and go.

Always enjoy visiting here when I can.
All the best,

Dr. Ken said...

Enzo -- Thanks! Hopefully I'll be around for a while longer--although, who knows? I suppose I could wake up some morning and just think, "Oh, the heck with it!" I don't think that's happening any too soon, though....