Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Stop The Crop

This is the type of photo I really hate--and there's a lot of them around.

Now, obviously, I don't object to the subject matter.  It's a nice depiction of a spanking.  But clearly, this is a cartoon that appeared in one of the early Men's magazines or Pin-up style magazines.  So if it's a cartoon--WHERE'S THE $#%^ING CAPTION?!?!?

Why would you save the picture of a cartoon and not include the caption?  It may be a nice drawing, but cropping out the punchline makes this a very incomplete experience to me and makes no sense.  It's like cropping out the watermark of a photo.  It's just wrong.  (Do you really think, for example, that if you crop out the "Punished Brats" logo from a photo that we're going to think it's somehow one of your photos?  That you took it or are in it?  Trust me, fans of a site such as PB know one of their photos when we see it.)

Thankfully, we have sites like the Chicago Spanking Review.  I'm sure I could find the complete picture there.  But I shouldn't have to do research on something like this.

I realize that whoever posted this drawing may simple have been re-posting it, and someone else is guilty of making the changes.  But whoever did it--stop cropping captions and watermarks out of pictures, people!


Leigh Smith said...

Just saying hi.

Blondie said...

You might come up with a much better one. Just saying

Dr. Ken said...

Leigh Smith -- And Hi to you, too!

Blondie--I possibly could. But even then I'd like to know what the original caption was. It would give me an idea what direction to go with my own, and I wouldn't be in any danger of copying it. The odds are small that I'd come close to the original caption, but still...