Saturday, November 15, 2014

Spankable Saturday

Here are some naughty girls in need of attention--


Leigh Smith said...

lovely pix, will have to show hubby

Dr. Ken said...

Leigh Smith -- I'm sure he'll appreciate your bringing them to his attention. :-)

"Spankable Saturday" is one of the few regular features on this blog, so look for more pix such as this every Saturday. Sunday is "Silent Sunday"--I shut up and just post a few spanking pictures or illustrations, maybe another "spankable" or two. Monday through Friday has no regular format, just whatever grabs my attention.

Anonymous said...

Hi Dr. Ken,

I always look forward to your blog updates. Long-time Minensota "lurker" just dropping a line to say hi.

Happy Spanking!



Dr. Ken said...

Hi, Issy! I'm always happy to hear from another Minnesotan, even if they mostly lurk. I appreciate your saying hello, so "HI" right back! I hope you keep coming back and enjoying your visits!