Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Love Our Lurkers 9 Is Here!

Welcome to the 9th LOVE OUR LURKERS day!

"Lurker" is the affectionate term bloggers use for those who come to the blog, look at the pictures, read whatever is written, and then leave without posting a comment.  The vast majority of people fall into that category.  And we, the bloggers, understand.  You very likely have several blogs that you wish to visit before signing off.  Time is limited, and commenting on a post--even a brief comment--takes time.  As bloggers, we appreciate the fact that you took the time to drop by at all.  We really do.

One day out of the year, however.....all that changes!  And that's LOVE OUR LURKERS day.

Bloggers appreciate your visiting.  We just don't always remember to say it.  And that's one the things this day is for--a chance for us to step us and thank you for all the times you've come here.  If people didn't come by the blogs, what would be the point in continuing to write them?  So a big "THANK YOU" to everyone who stops by SPANKING MINNESOTA, whether you do it on a daily basis or just pop in occasionally.  I'm very happy that you're here.

The other part of LOL day is this:  it's the one time of the year that we ask all the lurkers to break out and leave us a comment.  Let us know that you're out there.  Say hello.  Ask a question.  Let us know how we're doing.  Just this one day out of the year, we'd really like to hear from you!  You can even post anonymously.

And to make things a little easier, this year LOL day is actually 2 days long--Nov. 12th and 13th.  Why?  Because there are literally hundreds of spanking blogs out there, and there's no way you can read and comment on all of them in one day.  So you don't have to decide who to visit and who to skip this year.  There should be time enough for you to visit and leave a comment of some kind on all of your favorite and near-favorite blogs. (Personally, I think our organizer, Hermione of Hermione's Heart, did it just because she likes the fact that the dates for LOL9 come out as 11/ 12 - 13/ 14.  Needless to say, I think Hermione should be spanked 11-12-13-14 times--but that's just my opinion.)

Bloggers always love to get comments.  And over the course of a year, we naturally do tend to get the same people leaving messages over and over.  That's great, but now we'd like to hear from some new voices, as well.  So hear we go, all you lurkers out there.  Let us hear from YOU!

So please....leave a comment, and let LOL9 commence!


ronnie said...

Happy LOL Day Dr Ken.

I lurk more than I comment but do enjoy your posts and pictures when I stop by.


Hermione said...

Hi Dr. Ken,

You guessed my secret. I thought the date was too cool not to use for this year's LOL Days.


Marijah said...

Hello from a lurker!

Cat said...

Hey Dr Ken...I do visit but don't think I've ever commented so guess that makes me an official lurker. ;) Love your blog!


Anonymous said...

I love your blog and while I do try to comment sometimes. I no not comment as often as I should. Thank you for all your finds and work that you do. Great job.have a great day

OldFashionGirl said...

Dr. Ken, one of my favorite spankers... Love your sexy blog. Xoxoxo

Anonymous said...

I've never left a message but I visit your blog nearly every day. I really enjoy it. Keep up the good work.

Learning Domestic Discipline said...

Hi Dr. Ken,

Happy LOL Day! We lurk from time to time, and we appreciate your support of Learning Domestic Discipline.

-Clint & Chelsea
Learning Domestic Discipline

Dr. Ken said...

ronnie -- Thanks, ronnie! I enjoy your blog, as well!

Hermione -- I knew it! :-) Thanks for being the organizer for this year's LOL day!

Cat -- Thanks so much for stopping by and for breaking your silence today! I very much appreciate it, and I'm glad you like the blog!

Anonymous -- I'm glad you drop by, whether you leave a comment or not--but I certainly appreciate the comments when you do leave them!

OldFashionGirl --one of my favorite spankees! Thanks for the kind words. I should be so lucky as to actually be one of your favorite spankers.... :-)

Anonymous -- I'm glad you visit every day. Makes me glad I changed my posting patterns so that I put up a new post every day. Keep coming back, and thanks for leaving a note today!

Learning Domestic Discipline -- Hi, Clint and Chelsea! Thanks for the comment. I hope you come back and lurk more often!

Dr. Ken said...

Marijah -- Hello to you, too! Thanks for de-lurking and leaving a friendly greeting! I hope you enjoy the blog and come back often!

Kenzie said...

I found your blog on the list of participants for Lol day! I cant wait to read past and also future posts from you. Happy lol day!

Leigh Smith said...

Hi Dr. Ken. I've always seen your comments on posts, never knew you had your own blog. Actually, I've come across your blog a couple of times by accident, didn't make the connection.

Happy LOL Day. Bet your freezing today.

Dr. Ken said...

Kenzie -- That's why Hermione (and before her, Bonnie) posts the list of those participating--you get the chance to find a blog you never knew about before! Thanks for coming here and leaving a comment, and I do hope you come back often!

Leigh Smith -- Yes, it is cold in Minnesota today, but a nice comment from someone like you certainly warms my heart! Thanks for the LOL day comment!

Chross said...

Hey Doc,

heading over to leave a comment. As you know I´m around frequently, but commenting...oh well!
Anyway, I think you managed to find an Endart drawing I had not seen before for this occasion :)

Cheers and Happy LoL Day(s)


abby said...

Hmmm...hard to believe that i have never been here....this is a quick visit, i will be back!
hugs abby

Enzo said...

Hi Dr. Ken -

I come here often and comment occasionally as well!

I actually think you were one of the first spanking blogs I found way back when and have been following for years.


Dr. Ken said...

Chross -- I appreciate your coming around...and I certainly understand why you don't always leave a comment! Considering how busy you must be keeping up your wonderful blog. Glad you made it over here for this, though!

abby -- Oh, I can believe it. This blog has a tendency to fly under a lot of folks radar. But I'm glad you found it--glad you commented--and certainly will be glad to have you come back! Hugs to you, too!

Enzo -- You're one of the few regulars who comment here, and I always appreciate it a great deal!