Friday, November 28, 2014

Looking Back

The 9th edition of "Love Our Lurkers" day is about 2 weeks in the past, now.   I have to say, I didn't get as many people to de-lurk as I would have liked.  Still, I did hear from old friends, and also from some new ones.

The nice thing about many of the newly de-lurked is that they have blogs of their own, and all of them are worth visiting.  So, I made a few changes, and have added most of their blogs to the Blog Roll.

The first change I made was to call the list, "The Blog Roll".  Before, it was titled "More Blogs I Read".  But everytime I've referred to it in the course of my posts, I always mention it as "The Blog Roll".  So it seemed like a very natural change to make.

The first new addition is Blondie's Blog.  Blondie had actually posted a few comments before LOL Day rolled around, so it's only fair that I added her first.

There were two blogs from Leigh Smith that I added--Aimless Ramblings and Leigh Smith.  It didn't seem fair to add one and not the other, so both of them are on the roll.

Here are the other additions that came about as a result of LOL Day:

From Cat, we get Giggles, Grins, And Reflections.  The title says it all.

From Clint and Chelsea, we get Learning Domestic Discipline: The Blog, and excellent source for those delving into the DD lifestyle.

From Kenzie, we have His Cheeky Sub.  Again, I think the title says it all.

And last, but certainly not least, we have abby's Finally Finding "Me".

You can visit them by using the links in this post or by clicking on them in "The Blog Roll".  Happy reading to you, be sure to leave them a comment--bloggers do like to get somments--and remember to tell them that Dr. Ken sent you!


Leigh Smith said...

Thanks Dr. Ken for adding me to the list. I'm honored. Great choices BTW.:-), all are already on my blog roll. You're the new addition.

sixofthebest said...

Dr.Ken, Since I first started visiting your blog, it has greatly improved. Because you are blogging nearly each day, with good photo's, and good drawings, about that wonderful. sexual, and erotic subject of spankings. I am sure in time you will pick up more Lurkers. Please answer all people who comment on your blog.

Dr. Ken said...

Leigh Smith -- You're very welcome, Leigh. And I'm honored to be a new addition on your blog roll!

sixofthebest -- not all of the comments that I get need or require (or in some cases, deserve) a comment from me. I do what I can.