Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Clare and Kyle, Part 1

I've always said that I like Clare Fonda in the role of spankee much more than as a spanker.  She's good at both, mind you.  I just happen to think she makes a better bottom.  JOMN--just one man's opinion.  This old photo set that she did with Kyle Johnson may not prove the point, but they certainly provide a strong argument.  The photos are from Clare's site, Spanked Sweeties.  (Consider becoming a member--you can't go wrong with any of Clare's sites...)

(I'll post the rest of the photos tomorrow.....)


smuccatelli said...

Usually Clare is the top. I like to see her as the bottom now and again. She's really quite appealing and has a nice body.

Have you ever see her TV commercial for Mitsubishi add/on heating/cooling systems?

Dr. Ken said...

smuccatelli -- Clare switches, obviously, but I think her preferred role is as a bottom...which is fine with me. :-) I could be wrong about that, though...but she certainly makes a very nice spankee.

No, I've never seen this commercial. What can you tell me about it?