Friday, October 17, 2014

Warning In Advance


November 12 and 13, 2014

Yes, that most wonderful time of the year, LOVE OUR LURKERS DAY, is fast approaching.  For the past eight years, led by the wonderful Bonnie, whose blog, "My Bottom Smarts" set the standard for spanking blogs everywhere, we bloggers have set aside a special day dedicated to those people who come read our blogs on a regular basis but never leave a comment.  We affectionately call them "lurkers".  This year, Hermione of "Hermione's Heart" takes the lead.

Like in the past years, LOL day is meant to be the day that the lurkers can have their say.  We encourage all lurkers to leave a comment on that day--say something, say anything.   Tell us what you like about our blogs, tell us what you don't like, tell us what you'd like to see more of, or just tell us, "Hi.  Like your blog."  It's the only time of the year we ask this of you.  You can go back to lurking the other 364 fsyd.  But all bloggers LOVE feedback, and we'd like to hear from everyone out there, not just our regular contributors.

And this year, LOL day has expanded.  It's actually going to be over a two-day period:  NOVEMBER 12TH AND 13TH.

We know that people browse an awful lot of blogs.  You're not necessarily going to be able to get to every single blog that you want to in a day.  Even a short comment takes more time than just lurking.  And I know from past experience that, no matter what day LOL day was on, I'd still be getting a comment or two 3 or 4 days later.  By making it a two-day event, you now have time to hit all your favorite blogs, and still leave a little something creator of the blog to read.

So mark it on your calendars--November 12 and 13 will be "Love Our Lurkers Days".  For just this one time, drop on by and don't be shy.

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