Friday, October 24, 2014

Friday Funnies

Here are a couple of old newspaper comic strips that happen to feature some old=fashioned discipline.

The first one (Mr. Rumbles) I never knew about until I ran across it while browsing the internet.  The second one (Mary Worth), I remember seeing it in the newspaper when I was a kid.  I already had some kind of an interest in spanking at the time, and at the first opportunity, I planned to cut the comic out of the paper and save it.  Sadly, when I went looking for it later on, my mother had already tossed it out in the garbage.  Years later, again thanks to on-line browsing--you can probably find both of these at the Chicago Spanking Review  site--I was finally able to find it and save it to a file.

Here they are (click on them to enlarge)::


Web-Ed said...

Thanks for the link, Ken. Yes, I've got these two (and many more) over at CSR. They are both excellent examples of comic strip spanking.

smuccatelli said...

Seen the first one (somewhere online, not in the actual newspaper) before. I remember Mary Worth but I don't remember that one. There was a few in "Steve Canyon" that I remember.

Ah, the good old days...